Transportation of Art & Antiques Is Our Specialty

Transportation of art and antiques is an extremely significant part of the services that we are proud to offer in the United States and globally. Fine Art Shippers utilizes techniques and experience that we have gained over the course of 25 years to safely and faithfully transport valuable artworks for galleries, museums, auction houses, artists, collectors, and cultural institutions. We provide our clients with an array of options that include local art transportation, national art shuttles, and international shipping to any country worldwide.

Transportation of Art & Antiques

Local art transportation. Based in New York City, Fine Art Shippers specializes in the transportation of art and antiques in the New York metro area. We serve local artists, galleries, museums, arts organizations, and private clients, helping them move and install artworks both in buildings and outdoors. We also provide art exhibition services that include everything from art pick-up and delivery to engineering works.

National art shuttles. Fine Art Shippers has a wide network of national art shuttles, covering almost the entire United States. Our shuttles run from New York City to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, D.C., Boston, and more, providing the art community with many affordable options to ship their art and antiques across the country safely and securely.

International shipping. In addition to local and national moving of fine art and antiques, Fine Art Shippers specializes in shipping artwork overseas. We have many reliable partners in different countries worldwide, which allows us to ship art almost anywhere in the world. We take care of the entire process of art transportation from start to finish, ensuring that our clients get the best art shipping experience possible.

Whether you are interested in local art relocation, national art shuttles, or international shipping, feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers! We would be happy to help!

Originally published at on November 13, 2020.



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