Top 5 Art Services from Fine Art Shippers

In addition to providing a comprehensive range of art shipping and logistics services nationally and internationally, Fine Art Shippers offers art consultation and many other specialized services that may come in handy to all sorts of art lovers, from artists and art collectors to dealers and galleries. In this blog post, we want to draw your attention to some of the most popular art services provided by Fine Art Shippers in the New York metropolitan area and beyond.

Top 5 Art Services from Fine Art Shippers

1. Art procurement

Our art procurement service includes professional consulting, market research, negotiation, verification, customs documentation processing, shipping and delivery worldwide, insurance, and more. We can find and help you purchase any piece of art, antiques, and even fine furniture.

2. Art framing

Art framing is also an integral part of our art services. We work with top framers in New York and can offer our clients an extensive range of bespoke art frames for any need and budget. These include custom-crafted wooden frames, gilded frames, ‘gallery glass’ frames, and many more.

3. Art brokerage

Fine Art Shippers serves as an art broker, helping art businesses and private collectors buy and sell fine art and antiques safely and easily. We offer expert guidance tailored to the client’s requirements and taste.

4. Art advisory

Whether you are a seasoned collector, or you are only planning to start your own collection, Fine Art Shippers would love to provide you with a professional art advisory service. Our expert art advisers can help you choose the right art pieces, organize an exhibition, evaluate any artwork, and more.

5. Art installation

From picture hanging to sculpture mounting, we provide a full range of art installation services for any need. We have all the required equipment to install artworks of any size and weight and can work both in buildings and open spaces.

If you are looking for professional art services at reasonable rates, do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers. We would be happy to help you with whatever you need!

Originally published at on August 16, 2020.



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