Tips for Shipping Paintings and Other Artworks

Shipping paintings is not as easy as it might seem. From the shipping point of view, art is considered fragile cargo that requires careful wrapping, packing, and transportation. This process often takes much time and energy. So if you want to take the headache out of shipping your artwork, consider the following tips.

No one wants to spend money on packaging materials, but if you are shipping fragile and delicate art, you do need to invest in high-quality supplies. Moreover, you should consider shipping your art in a custom wooden crate that is the best protection during the move. This all will cost you some money, but it is still better than getting your artwork in pieces.

If you are shipping a painting, make sure it has at least three layers of wrapping. The first one should be made by using glassine or tissue paper. For the second layer, use flat pieces of cardboard or foamboard. Finally, wrap your artwork with bubble wrap, paying special attention to the corners. Sounds like a lot of layers, but in the end, it is all worth it.

Transporting artwork is a complicated process. Bad weather conditions, temperature changes, reckless driving, and potholes are just some of the problems that might occur during transportation. To avoid the issues, it is recommended that you hire an art shipping company with a good reputation. Expert art shippers have much experience in transporting various art pieces and can handle even the most complicated task. Therefore, if you do not want to get your paintings or other artworks damaged, always turn to professionals. Once again, investing in safe and secure transportation of your art is much better than getting your artwork in pieces. Think about it!



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