Tiffany Birch Has Launched a Series of 100+ Painting Videos


Fine Art Shippers is pleased to share the amazing news that will be highly appreciated by all lovers of contemporary art and abstract paintings in particular. The talented Abstract Expressionist Tiffany Birch has launched a series of 100+ painting videos featuring works from the artist’s private collection, many of which have never been shown to the public before. The first videos, starting with a very special painting titled “Universe,” are already available on the official YouTube channel of Tiffany Birch, with new videos coming up on a daily basis.

100+ Painting Videos by Tiffany Birch

Tiffany Birch is a self-taught artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passion for art was born in a community art class in Alexandria, VA, which she left after four painting lessons, driven by the desire to create her own art. This desire resulted in 60 paintings in 45 days and marked the beginning of Tiffany Birch’s career as a full-time artist.

Tiffany Birch creates absolutely amazing abstract paintings, teaches children’s workshops, supports charity organizations, and takes part in benefit art shows. Throughout her artistic career, she has created many fabulous paintings that have become inseparable parts of her life. Some of these ‘parts’ are in the artist’s private collection, and thanks to her new series of painting videos, they can now be enjoyed by the public.

Tiffany Birch has launched her series of 100+ painting videos with “Universe” that she painted to introduce herself to the audience. This work is a very special one. It is the intro piece that hangs in the artist’s studio and has never been shown before.

Each painting video by Tiffany Birch tells about a certain work that the artist wants to share with the world. Each story is unique, and each story deserves your attention. Overall, this amazing series of videos will feature more than 100 stories that will be uploaded daily.

Originally published at on October 24, 2020.