The Amazing World of Street Art in Istanbul, Turkey

Street art is marching with long strides toward the apex of the contemporary art world. This unique form of art seems to have stretched its influence almost all over the planet. In this respect, we want to move to Istanbul, the most populous city in Turkey. There are two main factors of our sincere interest in the place. First, street art in Istanbul is of incomparable beauty and covers quite a big part of the city. Second, it is where Vahit Tuna’s notorious installation of 440 pairs of women’s shoes is located.

Street art in Istanbul: art without borders

The culture of street art in Istanbul is comprehensively well-developed. Here, you can find large-scale mural paintings not only on the streets but also in restaurants, cafes, and subway stations. The most noted region is, of course, Kadikoy, which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. There, one may encounter a massive collection of stunning murals and other pieces of street art. To celebrate the triumph of urban contemporary art in Turkey, the communities of the city even organize Mural Istanbul, an amazing art festival that is held in Istanbul every year.

Vahit Tuna and his grievous message

Vahit Tuna is a street artist renowned for his highly social abstract works, murals, and sculptures. His greatest achievement, by far, remains a notorious installation of 440 pairs of women’s shoes, which appeared on the Istanbul wall in 2019. The artwork is impressive, but its message is tragic. Vahit Tuna’s purpose was to draw attention to the issue of domestic violence in the country. Each pair of shoes (440!) represents a woman murdered by her husband in 2018. It is sad statistics, but thanks to this art installation, the problem has become open to the whole world and hence central for many people.

At Fine Art Shippers, we highly recommend visiting Istanbul to enjoy the world of the amazing local street art!

Originally published at on March 5, 2020.