The Amazing World of Dreamy Landscapes by Peter de Boer

Since ancient times, landscapes and seascapes have been the favorite subject of painters around the globe. Artists observe nature, its eternal qualities and the way it changes over time, to capture its many moods and share its beauty and power with others. In this post, we are pleased to introduce the amazing world of dreamy landscapes and serene seascapes by the talented Dutch artist Peter de Boer, whose art has captured our imagination.

The Amazing World of Dreamy Landscapes by Peter de Boer

Peter de Boer was born in The Netherlands in 1979. He studied Drawing, Painting and Graphics at the Breitner Academy, previously known as Academie voor Beeldende Vorming, in Amsterdam and later at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

Peter de Boer mainly works in landscape painting. Inspired by nature, he creates detailed, multi-layered paintings full of light, which invite the viewers to enter into the scene. His works often depict treehouses, caravans, huts, and tents, endorsing sustainable living and bringing a sense of exploration and childhood adventure at the same time.

The work of Peter de Boer is also strongly connected to the sea that has always been a symbol of infinity and freedom for the artist. He depicts the sea in many different ways, sometimes with naval heroes, surfers, and beachcombers, and often with a path leading to the endless waters. His work pays tribute to intense nature experiences. These experiences can evoke aesthetic pleasures, but they can also be inhospitable and even dangerous.

Peter de Boer has been exhibited at a number of solo and group art exhibitions worldwide. He also takes part in the national and international art fairs, including The Other Art Fair and Art The Hague. The artist has created a truly amazing world of dreamy landscapes and serene seascapes, and this world is definitely worth your attention and exploration.

Originally published at on June 8, 2020.