Reality & Imagination in the Unique Photographic Art by Temel Nal


The art of photography is a fascinating world that is constantly changing thanks to the rapid technology upgrading and bold ideas brought by talented artists to life. Temel Nal is one of those who shape the contemporary art world through their quiet commitment to craft and dedication to the arts community. The photographer has developed his own style of photographic art, which allows him to ‘paint’ with his camera. Temel Nal’s photography is not computer-generated. His works are pure images that flawlessly combine reality with imagination in a unique way.

Unique Photographic Art by Temel Nal

Temel Nal is a photographic artist who has been transforming the everyday with his camera since 1996. Using a unique photographic technique he has developed over the years of work, Temel Nal creates outstanding impressionistic images of objects, nature, landscapes, and cityscapes, which are never digitally manipulated. He is an innovative ‘painter,’ who ‘paints’ with his camera on-site, capturing the infinite variations of day-to-day reality and releasing color from its form. The result of the artist’s work is a color-dominated impressionistic world that forms his exceptional photographic art.

“I feel color, I sense light…” says Temel Nal. These are fundamentals driving the artist to create his powerful images that are always a direct result of the impressions he had at the time and place of their genesis. Combining abstraction with figuration, reality with imagination, Temel Nal makes his photoworks emotionally closed and highly accessible to the viewers.

The best thing about Temel Nal’s exceptional photographic art is that his images are not computer-manipulated or generated. The artist creates his works using only his camera, which gives them a self-reflexive, highly personal slant. Temel Nal calls this “Pure Photo Impression” to emphasize that each final image is untampered and pure, a direct reflection of what he was feeling at the time of shooting.

If you love contemporary photography, we highly recommend that you check Temel Nal’s works, especially his latest Mask series that was released in a limited edition.

Originally published at on January 16, 2021.