Moving Artwork by Chaney Trotter from Houston to NYC

Not so long ago, we had an amazing art logistics experience, assisting Chaney Trotter in moving artwork from Houston to New York. We are very grateful to this talented artist for her trust in Fine Art Shippers and happy that we were able to help her deliver a series of original works to the exhibition at the Cell Theater in NYC. Many thanks to Chaney Trotter and her lovely dogs that were keeping us company throughout the process of packing and preparing the pieces for long-distance transportation!

Moving Artwork by Chaney Trotter

Chaney Trotter is an art installation artist and oil painter from Houston, who currently lives and works in New York. Her art represents a beautiful interweaving of the realms of mythology and science, often blending manmade and natural forces into single entities with the use of various archaic symbols, iconographies, and contemporary characters. Chaney Trotter works in different mediums and has a very unique artistic style that makes her artworks, be them canvas paintings or mixed-media pieces with resin, stand out from many others. Her newest art exhibition, which is titled “Treasures and tremors” is now on view at the Cell Theater in Chelsea, NY, and we are proud to have helped make it happen.

All of the beautiful works by Chaney Trotter were carefully packed in shadow boxes, using art plastics and double-wall cardboard, to avoid touching the face of the pieces. Working with this art collection was a great pleasure for our team, and we are happy that Chaney Trotter chose our dedicated art shuttle Texas — New York as a means of moving artwork from Houston to NYC.

Moving artwork for Chaney Trotter was a fabulous experience, and we hope to serve this amazing artist again in the future. We wish Chaney tremendous success and all the best in her artistic career!

Originally published at on November 2, 2020.