It is easy to get lost in tricky fine art services if you lack experience and have no idea which one to use and when to use it. However, if you own artworks, you will certainly encounter at least one art service when the time comes to move or insure them for any purpose. Read about this in our post.

What are the most common types of fine art services?

1. Art packing & crating

Most art shipping companies provide expert art packing and crating services aimed at protecting your artworks during transit. If you don’t want your art to get damaged due to poor packaging, these services are right for you.

2. Art shipping

It is always recommended that you leave the process of art shipping to experts. Whether nationally or internationally, art transportation is a sophisticated job that requires professional equipment, tools, knowledge, and expertise.

3. Art storage

You can use this art service to store your art pieces while arranging the shipping process and rest easy that everything is safely packed and ready for transportation. Art storage facilities are traditionally equipped with modern climate-control and security systems to provide artworks with the utmost protection.

4. Art installation

This particular type of art services is optional but no less handy. To properly install art can be a tricky task oftentimes. Therefore, most companies are pleased to offer art installation help.

5. Art insurance

Fine art is extremely valuable and delicate to ship without full insurance. You never know what accidents may happen in transit.

6. Art consultation

To consult art experts is vital when you need to get your artworks appraised, sold, or bought. These services are very handy and can be used by artists and collectors alike.

Now you are no stranger to the most common art services offered by professional art shipping companies. Use them properly to protect your art collection in any situation.