Metaphor — The Cornerstone of Contemporary Art World

Whenever you want to start a successful project, it is not always about money and prestige but enthusiasm and complete dedication to work. The contemporary art gallery Metaphor is a bright example of such a philosophy. Founded in 2001 by two artists, Julian Jackson and Rene Lynch, this place has managed to morph from a small mainstream gallery into an international cultural hub for numerous artists and art collectors from the different corners of our planet.

Metaphor — The Cornerstone of Contemporary Art World

This NYC-based contemporary gallery is almost twenty years old, which tells us a lot about how disciplined and single-minded the personnel of Metaphor have been remaining for decades. One of the distinguishing peculiarities of this place is its accessibility and openness to the rest of the world. The gallery has been exhibiting throughout the US and Europe.

After all these years, Metaphor has worked on and presented about 80 art exhibitions, where the best art curators manually picked every artwork so that visitors could embrace the magnificent aesthetics of contemporary art in full. Such painstaking attention to detail and strong competence are majorly possible thanks to the patience and diligence of Metaphor founders.

Being savvy in the art industry, both Julian Jackson and Rene Lynch decided to create a remarkable place that would become the platform for talented emerging and established artists. Well, the plans have become a reality. Today, Metaphor is drawing together top-notch art curators, critics, and other experts who make sure that the global art scene is thriving and attracting more and more people.

Also, the gallery is known for its aptitude for experiments, which makes it a one-of-a-kind ground for artistic innovations and breakthroughs. A good deal of experience and tactful guidance makes Metaphor one of the best choices amongst other contemporary art galleries in New York. As they say, the picture is worth a thousand words, so if you happen to be in Brooklyn, be sure to visit this respectable gallery.