Main Characteristics of Art Installations

Contemporary art tends to focus on how the viewer experiences the work and particularly its dominant idea that is hidden behind. A completely innovative form of contemporary art called art installations holds the exact capability to enable viewers to become immersed in certain artwork. This artistic genre is unique in the way it represents the concept and design of the piece of art. Let’s explore the main features of installation art, which make it so special in the world of art.

What are art installations?

Installation art is the term applied to three-dimensional works that usually occupy the entire room or gallery and are created to change the perception of a space.

The essence of this art phenomenon is quite well rendered through the words of the famous critic and artist Illya Kabakov, “[One] is simultaneously both a ‘victim’ and a viewer, who on the one hand surveys and evaluates the installation, and on the other, follows those associations, recollections which arise in him.”

Major characteristics of installation art

Mixed media

Contemporary artists usually create art installations in mixed media. Artworks might involve painting and sculpture, as well as text, music, and light. Video and audio components often serve as supplementary materials to interact with viewers.

Sensory experience

This point follows from the previous one. The installation allows the spectator to enter, move around, touch, and smell the medium. Thus, it engages several senses of a human, making them immerse in the artwork completely.

Conceptual use of space

Art installations grew out of artists focused on conceptual art, which is an art based on ideas rather than the aesthetic qualities of works.


An art installation is all about the process of placing something in a space, which implies that it has a direct relationship with that space. This quality makes installation a truly unique form of art.


Installation art is almost always designed for a temporary period and is described by its duration rather than the typical measurements of height, length, and width.

Now you know more about installation art and its main features. Do not miss your chance to see this amazing form of art with your own eyes at the earliest opportunity!

Originally published at on August 29, 2020.



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