Irene Mamiye — A NYC Artist You Should Know

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Irene Mamiye is a bright representative of contemporary art. She was born in France but now lives and works on the other side of the Atlantic, in New York. Mamiye began her artistic journey with photography at Parsons School of Design in 1998. Ever since those early years, she has been developing her skills and expanding her art line, which has led her to become one of the most notable NYC artists.

Mamiye’s first exhibition was held in 2001 at the New-York Historical Society. It was a group show titled “Here is New York. Images from the Frontline of History A Democracy of Photographs.” Today, Irene Mamiye is a multimedia artist who skillfully mixes different mediums to create her impressive artworks. Her work is a result of the interaction between photography, sculpture, and video. The artist is inspired by simple things from life, details that we sometimes do not pay our attention to. Her motivation is the sunlight, color in all its manifestations, and a lot of dynamics. Most Mamiye’s works are about her life, sometimes very complex and unique. They are a somewhat reflection of reality in the camera lens through the prism of the artist’s worldview.

Among Irene Mamiye’s masterminds are such prominent artists as Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and Gerhard Richter. These people had an impact on the formation of the artist and the positioning of her one-of-a-kind style distinguished by luminous images that transfer the viewers into the ocean of color and light.

Solo exhibitions of Irene Mamiye include:

2009 — Recent Works, HW Gallery, Naples, FL

2018 — Irene Mamiye. Homage, Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA

2019 — Irene Mamiye, Alter Gallery, Shanghai, China (forthcoming)

If multimedia art by Irene Mamiye is heartwarming for your spirit and mood, be sure to learn about her work more!

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