Shipping any item is risky. Shipping fine art is even riskier, especially if you are shipping something with glass. Framed paintings, prints, photographs, and other artworks are common items that are destroyed or depreciated through the shipping process due to damage. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that you work with only specialized shippers with years of experience in transporting framed art and other delicate items. However, if for any reason, you are going to handle the shipping on your own, make sure you know how to pack framed paintings so that every piece arrives at the destination intact.

How to Pack Framed Paintings for Shipping?

To pack framed paintings properly, you should start with protecting the glass. You need to cover it with a special film or painter’s tape the way we did in the photo. Feel free to apply a double layer of painter’s tape to ensure that the pieces will remain together if the glass shatters or cracks in transit. Thus, you will protect the painting’s surface from possible damage in case of an accident.

When it is done, wrap the painting in several layers of bubble wrap and strengthen the package from all sides with the sheets of cardboard. Secure everything with packing tape. This will add more protection to the artwork while it is in transit.

Choose a shipping container depending on your painting’s size, fragility, and value. Smaller works can be shipped in durable cardboard boxes; larger pieces require custom-built wooden crates. If you ship multiple paintings of the same size, you can pack them in one crate reinforced with foam inside like the one in the photo.

Now that you know how to pack framed paintings properly, the chances are high that you will ship them safely. However, it is still recommended that you opt for professional art packing and crating services and hire specialized art shippers for this job.

Originally published at on December 16, 2020.