How to Choose a Piano Shipping Company?


A piano is called the king of musical instruments for a good reason. Due to its sophisticated composition and unprecedented necessity in the music world, this instrument will never go out of fashion. However, there is one daunting challenge standing in front of all piano owners: keeping it safe and sound. This particular challenge, for the most part, arises when it comes to shipping pianos, which has always been a Herculean task even for experienced shippers. Moreover, since any piano is a highly valuable and delicate item, it is of utmost importance to choose the right piano shipping company.

Choosing a credible piano shipping company

Shipping a piano is never trivial and requires not only some insight on the matter but also well-coordinated professional decisions in the process. One can achieve positive results exclusively in one single case: when using the help of a professional piano shipping company. In this regard, you should pay your prior attention to the following factors:

1. Quality

There are lots of adequate reasons to call a professional company whenever you need specialized help. The main one is outstanding quality. Providing the best standards of piano shipping services, the group of trained and seasoned shippers will handle the safe shipment of your musical instrument with care and attention.

2. Experience

Experience is the best teacher. Through many years of work, professional piano shippers develop their skills and raise the level of awareness about the piano and its elaborate construction. If you happen to find an expert team with 20+ years of experience, such as Fine Art Shippers, you can consider it a green light and turn to such a company without hesitation.

3. Affordability

Piano shipping rates vary drastically, depending on such peculiarities as the type of the instrument, weight, location, etc. Make sure you are choosing the company that you can afford. Otherwise, you are wading into financial troubles.

4. Services

Another criterion is the available stack of services provided by a piano shipping company. For instance, Fine Art Shippers provides many advantageous services for the clients, including insurance, consultation, storage, and many more. You can also use a free quote to calculate the costs of the piano shipment if needed.

Bear these tips in mind when choosing a company for shipping your piano, and you will succeed. If you need professional help, Fine Art Shippers is always here to give you a helping hand. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever expert assistance required!

Originally published at on March 16, 2020.