Fine Art Shippers Can Pack and Ship an Art Collection of Any Size

If you have ever shipped fine art, you know that this process is not the same as shipping any other items. Original artworks are usually unique pieces and cannot be replaced with just other similar objects. Moreover, many of them carry not only monetary but also sentimental value, making them truly irreplaceable items that deserve and require professional art packing and shipping services. This is where Fine Art Shippers comes into play. We have over 25 years of experience in this sphere and can pack and ship an art collection of any size.

We Can Pack and Ship an Art Collection of Any Size

The main reason why you can confidently entrust your precious artworks to Fine Art Shippers is that we know how to pack and ship art pieces of any kind. Be it a painting, a sculpture, a fine art print framed with glass, a piece of designer furniture, or an expensive decorative item, we will ensure it arrives at its destination in perfect condition and without a scratch. Moreover, we can handle the transportation of even a large art collection featuring different items that range in size, shape, and medium.

Fine Art Shippers has worked with many art museums, galleries, art organizations, auction houses, luxury estates, artists, and collectors for whom we shipped large collections of art interstate and overseas. We are experts in this specific type of art logistics work and can meet any needs and requirements. Our services include art packing, art crating, art shipping, art insurance, art delivery, art installation, and many more depending on the task we are working on.

Whether your collection features paintings only or comprises a wide range of art, from works on paper to sculptures to antiques, be sure to contact Fine Art Shippers. We will pack and ship your treasures the way they deserve, with extra care and professionalism.

Originally published at on April 14, 2021.