Contemporary Conceptual Art by Lauren Mederos

Art is no longer only about paint on canvas, sculpture, or any other traditional form of human creativity. Contemporary art has pushed the boundaries of what is possible, showing other ways to express oneself and address the issues faced by the communities. The meaning of the piece and the process of its creation are now often no less important than the artwork itself. These ideas are investigated in the work of the talented Cuban artist Lauren Mederos who has recently introduced her new series of contemporary conceptual art.

Contemporary Conceptual Art by Lauren Mederos

Lauren Mederos is a photographer, designer, and visual artist based in Havana, Cuba. After graduating from the Higher Institute of Art, she focused her work on the investigations in the fields of conceptual and contemporary art, which resulted in an outstanding series of pieces combining visual erotica with the surreal representation of bodies. Below are several of Mederos’ latest works created during the coronavirus outbreak.

Philia. Acrylic and direct manipulation on the object in its natural state.

The artwork constitutes the designation given to attraction, to the psychological and physical bond. With its depth and texture reiteration, it invites estrangement, subtle provocation, desire, and curiosity at the same time.

Nudity Scenario. Leafless ivy on the wall.

Created during the period of isolation in the artist’s garden, this work is aimed to show a duality between nakedness perceived as purity and as a disadvantage. It is a reference to the act of undressing, revealing the hidden.

Hematophilia. Pork blood in state progressive decomposition. Thermal light.

The art installation is comprised of glass bottles with pork blood, arranged in a circle. Intended to break directly into the psychological, perceptual, and sensory of the viewer, it causes a contradiction of senses, a debate between attraction and repulsion.

Contemporary conceptual art by Lauren Mederos awakes the interest of the viewer from the very beginning. It evokes emotions and helps establish a dialogue between sensations and the perception of beauty. It is something that you should see with your own eyes.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Mederos

Originally published at on July 17, 2020.