Become a Part of the Brooklyn Art Community with Trestle

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Photo credit: Flickr User Brooklyn Art Space / CC BY-ND 2.0

Trestle is an arts organization and a popular hub of art in Brooklyn, which emerged in 2012 as a place to support local artists. It was created and presented to a wide audience by the educator and artist Rhia Hurt and a team of other artists who were adherent to her ideas. While working in Gowanus, they found out that most young artists did not have opportunities for their cultural and artistic development. Thus, the idea to create a special space that would become a place where everyone could have the chance to showcase their artworks to a wide audience, learn new things, and establish new ties came up.

Today, Trestle is a well-established non-profit organization introducing artworks by contemporary artists to the guests. Its mission is to contribute to the development of creativity, the acquisition of new knowledge, and the interaction between the world and art society. The organization provides an array of opportunities to creative people, helping them improve their talent by offering four major programs: Contemporary Exhibitions, Professional Development, Community Classes, and Residencies.

Trestle is socially active and holds up to ten exhibitions throughout the year. Since 2012, the gallery has presented to the audience contemporary artists from 35 countries, along with nearly 2,000 talented local artists, attracting approximately 6,500 visitors annually.

Overall, Trestle is an ideal place for both artists and art connoisseurs who live and work in Brooklyn, NY. With two beautiful spaces in Greenwood Heights and Sunset Park, it presents works by more than 130 artists whose talent is unquestionable. Be sure to visit this amazing community and take part in its many studio events, exhibitions, and curatorial projects that are held by Trestle regularly.

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