Art Shuttle Los Angeles — New York Will Leave on October 28

Our cross-country art shuttle is now on its way to California, delivering fine art from the East Coast and the Southern States to the West Coast of the United States. We are planning to be in San Francisco on October 25, from where we will go to Los Angeles. Art deliveries and pick-ups are also possible in San Jose, San Diego, and other cities of the Golden State. Fine Art Shippers will be in California until October 28, and then we will drive back to the East Coast through Houston and Chicago. If you have something delicate and fragile to ship across the country, our art shuttle Los Angeles — New York is your best option to do it safely and at a reasonable price.

Art Shuttle Los Angeles — New York

Our art shuttle Los Angeles — New York will start its journey in the City of Angels on October 28. After leaving Los Angeles, we will go to Texas through Arizona and New Mexico. Art pick-ups and deliveries are possible all along the route, including in Phoenix and Tucson. In Texas, we can make stops in El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.

Our route from Houston to New York will pass through Memphis in Tennessee and Chicago in Illinois. In Chicago, we will be able to pick up art from and deliver to any location, including surrounding areas. From Chicago, we will go to New York. A stop in Cleveland or any other city along the route is also possible.

Whether you are shipping art from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from Los Angeles to Houston, from Houston to Chicago, or from Chicago to the East Coast, our cross-country art shuttle Los Angeles — New York is a perfect option for you. We can pick up your art and deliver it to the destination safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. Please feel free to request a shipping quote online or contact our team directly to discuss the details.

Originally published at on October 23, 2020.



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