Art Handling in NYC: Tips for Novice Collectors

We can never repeat too often that New York is a city for art lovers. If you are a novice collector, then you will definitely love the wonderful atmosphere of New York, which allows diving into the world of art and collecting. Of course, to understand such a sophisticated field of activity, you need to know the basics of art handling in NYC. We offer you a list of handy tips for packing and moving art like a pro.

Tips on art handling in NYC

1. Inspect artworks for damages

If you possess a large collection of paintings, sculptures, or other pieces, always pay attention to the overall condition of every single item to avoid potential cracks, bulges, etc. during storage and transit.

2. Wrap collectibles with acid-free materials

We highly recommend protecting the surface of each delicate art piece with quality, acid-free tissue paper and only then wrap it with bubble wrap and other packing materials. If you are about to ship sculptures, ensure every item is double-wrapped and completely covered with bubble wrap.

3. Pick up durable boxes

Choose appropriate boxes with double or triple protection. Do not forget to fill in the empty space with packing material to prevent shifting of your collectibles in the box during transit. Also, consider shipping fragile pieces in wooden crates. Such crates are the best option when it comes to long-distance art transportation.

4. Get the art insurance

Art handling in NYC requires thorough planning and treatment. Therefore, to have your artworks insured is one of the most important steps of the art shipping process. Besides, it will give you peace of mind when your collection is on the road.

5. Hire professionals

Your lack of knowledge in proper art handling can lead to serious troubles during or after the shipping. So the best option is to leave art transportation to a reliable art shipping company that will take care of your collection the way it deserves.

Fine Art Shippers is a trustworthy art shipping company in NYC, and we are ready to ship your collectibles to any place in the world. Feel free to contact us for details!