Shipping art internationally may seem a real headache for emerging artists and art collectors. Despite countless guidelines, tips, and recommendations on the Internet, people consistently (and obnoxiously) continue to make the same mistakes time after time. To restore the balance and help people ascertain what they fail to do right, here are five international art shipping mistakes to keep in mind.

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5 international art shipping mistakes

1. Poor scheduling
The most severe mistake is actually at the beginning of the shipping process when you are about to make an effective plan. First and foremost, a plan is a must. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that you count everything to the last detail, or you are putting your shipment at risk of being delayed.

2. Subpar packaging
Using low-quality materials and ineffective self-made techniques is the worst idea you can come up with. Learn how to pack artworks, especially for international shipping.

3. Not insuring artworks
Third-party art insurance cannot harm your shipment. Instead, it is your ultimate guarantee that if something unfavorable and unsavory happens to the items, you will be able to cut the losses. Moreover, sometimes, you cannot ship art abroad without minimal insurance, so be sure to include it.

4. Picking the wrong fine art shippers
If you are working with a non-expert team of shippers, you are likely to have some outlandish experience. You should always know who is shipping goods for you, and what services a company provides. Air & sea transportation should be included in this case.

5. Underestimating paperwork
Shipping paperwork is the incarnation of boredom, and it will definitely tick you off because international shipping paperwork is an even bigger evil. However, you should be fully aware of what documents you should have and how to fill the required forms, or your shipment may end up in another country (just joking).

Hopefully, this friendly reminder will help you avoid common international shipping mistakes next time you will ship your art!

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